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Vacuum fried dragon fruit chips  are a good source of Vitamin C,particularly red-skinned pitayas.Pitayas are rich in fiber and minerals, notably phosphorus and calcium. Red pitayas seem to be richer in the formeriber.
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√ Dried dragon fruit chips provides vitamin C, vitamin B3 is very good for the body, is a fruit that has a heat effect.
√ Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin A in the form of carotene, which is essential for retina, eye brightness and vision.
√ Most of the fat and protein content is found in the small black seeds of dragon fruit.
√ Dragon fruit helps improve heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and adding good cholesterol.
√ Iron and protein content in dragon fruit prevents anemia and protects the stomach wall, supports the immune system, and beautifies the skin.
√ Soluble fiber in dragon fruit helps support weight loss, reduce blood sugar, nourish the bowels and prevent colon cancer.

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