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Bulk Dehydrated Shiitake Mushrooms Price

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Dehydrated shiitake mushrooms are food made from mushrooms. The technological process is raw material selection → drying → drying → grading packaging → finished product.
dehydrated shiitake mushrooms
The production process of dehydrated shiitake mushrooms:
1. The fresh, non-polluting and mildew-free mushroom raw materials of the season are used, which are preliminarily selected manually.
1. After being flushed by the high-pressure water pump, it enters the pre-treatment console from the logistics channel.
2. After being cleaned by the rinsing table, manual treatment is carried out on the pre-treatment table.
3. After the processed semi-finished products are qualified by manual inspection, they enter the automatic vegetable cutting machine for chopping processing.
4. The chopped products are transported to the disinfection tank for disinfection and sterilization by the conveyor belt. .
5. After the centrifugal water shaker removes the surface moisture, it enters the oven for drying treatment.
6. The semi-finished product enters the oven for drying. During this period, attention should be paid to the oven temperature as required, and special personnel in charge of the stir-fry work to ensure the product
The color and moisture meet the requirements.
7. After the product is dried and cooled, it is quantitatively packed in double-layer plastic bags, and the product is put into storage after being cooled again in the cooling room.

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