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Dried Red Chili Flakes Supplier

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Red chili must be harvested in dry and cold weather. Only fruits of appropriate maturity, e.g. fruits of the characteristic shape, growth and color of the variety, are harvested. Chilli can also be harvested at the physiological (red) ripening stage.Selection and grading should be done immediately after harvest. Chilies used for storage must be healthy, clean, hard, well developed, free from surface water vapor, free from head damage, and free from frost damage.
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Product Feature Of The Red Chili:
1.The chili is in full shape and moderate dryness.
2.The surface is ruddy and rich in fat, taste spicy and fragrant, canallocatemore flavor dishes.
3.Capsaicin stimulates the brain to release endorphins,relieves pain, and speeds upthe metabolism,keeping you slim.
4.Can reduce cholesterol.promote bloodcirculation, prevent heart disease and strokeand other conditions.
5.Capsaicin and crude fiber, can stimulatesalivaand gastric juice secretion, canstrengthenthe spleen and stomach,promote appetite,get rid of stomach colddisease.
6.Chilli has a remarkable effect on preventingcolds,atherosclerosis, night blindness andscurvy.
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How To Storage The Dried Chili Flakes 
Dried chili should be stored as quickly as possible after picking and sorting. Before storing, peppers must be kept for several hours in a cool place. When grading quality and size, each package must contain only chili peppers of the same variety or commercial variety, grade and size. Packaging must be handled carefully so as not to damage the surface of the peppers. The packages are stacked in such a way as to ensure air circulation through the stack

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