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100% Natural Dehydrated Coriander Leaves Flakes

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Moisture:8% Maximum
  • Certification:ISO9001,ISO22000,BRC,KOSHER,HALAL,GAP
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Product name Dehydrated Coriander Leaves Flakes
Raw material Coriander; Celantro
Process type Air Dried
Size Custom; 3*3 mm; 5*5 mm; 10*10 mm
Additives None
Storage condition
Cool and dried clean place, T<20℃,M<60%
The size and packing of products can depend on buyers' requirements

Dehydrated Coriander, also known as rehydrated coriander, are made by washing and drying fresh vegetables with hot air. How to eat: Put the dried vegetables in warm boiled water, soak them until softened, and take them out for later use. You can eat them according to your favorite dishes.
dehydrated coriander
Features of Dehydrated Coriander Products
Color retention: retains the color of the coriander itself, delicious taste
Convenient storage: small size, light weight, small package storage, easy to use
Mature process: using low-temperature drying and micro-grinding technology, the ingredients of raw materials are retained as much as possible
Deliciousness without loss: Use dryer equipment to set temperature, time, color and dehydration rate during drying, so that the ingredients of vegetables are not lost.
dried coriander

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