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Bulk Dehydarted Cucumber Slice Flakes

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Product Package:Inner double PE bags and outside cartons
  • Certificates:ISO9001, ISO2200, HACCP, HALAL, kOSHER
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Dried cucumber is a dehydrated vegetable that is eaten sliced or ground into powder and used as a condiment. Dried cucumber slices can be eaten alone or as an ingredient in other dishes. Powdered dried cucumbers can be used as a seasoning for soups, dips, and herb butters.
dried cucumber flakes
Dehydrated Cucumber Uses
1:Cucumber is crisp and refreshing, which is a must-have for many people's appetizers
2:The nutrition of cucumber is very rich, containing starch, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium and other ingredients
3:Cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can prolong life and anti-inflammatory effects
4:Cucurbitacin C* contained in cucumber can improve the function of human body
5:The cucumber is made into cucumber powder, which is convenient to eat and is deeply loved by consumers
dried cucumber product
Features of Dehydrated Cucumber:
1.Select raw materials carefully, and grasp the quality from the source!
2.Dehydration treatment to retain the color and taste of raw materials!
3.It can be stored for a long time without refrigeration, easy to eat, time-saving and labor-saving!
4.Small in size, light in weight, it will be restored after entering the water, and it is easy to transport.

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