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Our dried garlic slicer is beautiful in appearance, free of debris and odor, and can be used as a raw material and condiment for food. It can be immersed in warm water to restore its inherent characteristics.
dehydrated garlic chips wholesale
How to make dried garlic chips?
1. First, remove the silt and foreign matter on the garlic bulb.
2. Peel the garlic skin to remove spots.
3. After removing the stalk and peeling the skin, cut the garlic into thin slices.
4. Rinse the slices thoroughly with running water and dry them with a dryer.
5. Remove impurities, brown flakes, particles, etc., and then classify.
How to preserve garlic slices?
1. Dried garlic slices can be packaged after cooling at room temperature.
2. It should be sealed before storage.
3. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, free of peculiar smell and pests.

We also have the garlic powder :
garlic powder



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