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  • Brand: Fitaky
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  • Country Of Origin: China
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Introduce Of The Dehydrated Green Scallions:
Dehydrated green scallions also named dried green onion.Scallions, or green onions, are actually a variety of an immature onion. We offer the more desirable green leaf portion of this bulbed onion.By freeze drying the leaves within a fraction of a second, virtually no flavor is lost and the impressive green color remains intact.
dehydrated scallions wholesale
Product name:100% natural dehydrated green scallions/dried green onion 
Brand: Fitaky
Place of origin:China(mainland)
Single weight:20kg/carton or 25kg/bags 
Package:outside cardboard box + inside double plastic bag. Low temperature, dry storage, avoid strong light and high temperature.
Noted:The size and packing of products can depend on buyers' requirements
Payment Term:T/T,L/C;or as customized
Port:China port;or as require
dried green onion
Dried Green Onion is always considered to be highly anti-inflammatory foods. In addition, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and is a potential natural source of nutrition providing folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, iron, and fiber.dried green onion flakes are mainly used in food industry, such as pizza, bread, onion cakes, onion biscuits, and also can be applicated in cooking.

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