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Fitaky sells high-quality dried minced onions, meets export standards, and is packaged according to customer requirements. Those who are in need are welcome to contact and price is negotiated.
dried onion price
Dehydrated Chopped Onion Processing Technology
Raw material selection → raw material processing → Onion cutting → Rinsing → Dewatering → Drying → Selection → Inspection → Packaging
dehydrated onion price
Key Points of Dried Onion Production
1. Raw material selection: should choose fresh onions.
2. Washing peeling: peel onion.
3. Slicing: Cut into slices of onion of defined thickness
4. Rinsing: Turn cutonion up and down in the flowing clear water pool to rinse.
5. Draining: After the raw material is rinsed, it needs to be centrifugally spin-dried to dry the water on the surface of cut onion.
6. Drying: Spread the dried onion in the drying screen, install them on the drying cart shelf, and send them to the dryer for drying. The water content of the product drops below 5%.
7. Selection: Pour the dry product on the stainless steel table or non-toxic white plastic board, carefully select, remove the unqualified products, and grade according to the quality standards of the finished product.
8. Inspection and packaging: After the products pass the inspection, they are packaged as required.

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