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Introduction of Bulk Garlic Chips
The dried garlic chips obtained after the pre-selection, cleaning, slicing, drying, sieving and other processes of fresh garlic, and the final garlic chips with water content less than 8%.
dried garlic chips
Advantages of Dehydrated Garlic Chips
Due to the reduction of moisture, its shelf life can be greatly extended
More conveneint for transportation and storage
Main flavor of garlic can be retained.
Dehydrated garlic chips can be restored after soaking in warm water
Processing technology for Dedydrated Garlic Chips
dehydrated garlic chips
Dehydrated garlic slices also named garlic flakes ,They are divided into different grades according to the raw material variety, grade, year, processing technology and sieving grade after drying, which are also the main factors affecting the price of dehydrated garlic slices.
sliced dried garlic chips
garlic chips price

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