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  • Brand: Fitaky
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  • Country Of Origin: China
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We produce the mix seasoning  powder , to suit your meat and fish cooking. Ideal for dry-ageing your meat cuts. Coat the surface of your meat cut or fish in koji powder, and let it dry-age in the fridge for 48 to 72 hours. After that, rinse off the koji powder to avoid burning when cooking and pat dry the meat. Grill the meat cut and enjoy your matured meat packed with umami, deeper nutty flavor, even the fat cuts taste lighter. This product also good for chicken and fish, pastry... 
mix seasoning powder
More advantage of the mix seasoning powder:
Animal free delicious curry
It is animal-free and can be safely consumed by people with or without allergies.
Fruity & Spicy 
This special vegetable curry is fruity and spicy must-try delicious dish, using chutney, apples, bananas, etc.
Ready-to eat product
It is very easy to use when you are hungry or busy or etc. useful in every scene.

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