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Health Benefits Dried Garlic Chips

Dehydrated garlic chips are suitable for long-term storage and easy to carry. And here, Fitaky will in torduce more helth benifits of dried garlic chips.
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Garlic slices can be eaten raw, and have good anti-cancer and antioxidant effects. Garlic slices can be made into pureed garlic, and can also be made into sugar garlic, which can be eaten. Its taste is very crisp and tender. Garlic slices have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, can control blood sugar, and are suitable for diabetics. Eating some garlic slices properly in life has many health benefits.
If it is dehydrated garlic slices, it must be eaten raw, if heated and cooked, it will lead to the loss of nutrition. Garlic slices have good sterilization and bacteriostatic effects. For those who often have acne on the face, sticking a fresh garlic slice on the affected area can eliminate acne on the face, including those subcutaneous cysts that are difficult to cure Acne type
Garlic slices can eliminate pests, such as whiteflies, aphids, etc. If there are flowers and plants planted at home, you can put some garlic slices around, which can effectively remove foreign pests. In summer, garlic slices can also achieve mosquito repellent effect. Squeeze the garlic slices into juice, then add some lemon juice, mix the two together and put them in a watering can, so that you can spray mosquito repellent.
Garlic chips are fully oxidized, so the anti-cancer effect is stronger. However, garlic chips have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and a large amount of one-time consumption has a strong side effect on the digestive tract. Therefore, it is not suitable to take large amounts at once

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