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Difference Between Malaysian Pepper And Hainan Pepper

Hainan pepper powder is made from the fruit of the tropical plant pepper tree. It is the most famous specialty of Hainan. It is both a good condiment and a precious medicinal material. Hainan pepper are two kinds of white pepper and black pepper. Black pepper powder is processed from unripe fruit, white pepper is harvested and processed after the fruit is fully ripe. The spiciness of black pepper is stronger than that of white pepper,The fragrance is spicy, removes the fishy smell and improves the taste, and is more used for cooking offal and seafood dishes.Some special ingredients make black pepper have a unique aromatic taste, as well as a bitter and spicy taste, which is popular among the people.
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The difference between Malaysian pepper and Hainan pepper:
1. The taste is different. Malaysia's pepper is the original taste, while Hainan's pepper is more like dded other things.
2. The shape is different. Malaysian peppers are oval and smaller; Hainan peppers are close.It is round and large.
3. The place of production is not the same.Malaysian pepper is produced in Malaysia; Hainan pepper is produced in Hainan.
4. The planting conditions are not the same.The planting temperature of pepper in Malaysia belongs to the temperate continental climate; the planting temperature of pepper in Hainan belongs to subthermal climate, the weather is hotter.
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