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Fried Garlic Crisp Is A Commonly Used Condiment

Whether it is home-cooked dishes or hotel dishes, condiments are used in cooking to enhance the taste of the dishes. Fried garlic crisp is one of the commonly used condiments in cooking, let's take a look at it in detail.
fried garlic chips
      The raw material of deep-fried garlic crisps is fresh garlic of good quality, which is then deep-fried to make the garlic more dense and mellow, and can be eaten with various foods. Deep-fried onion crisp has a good seasoning effect. It can be eaten with chopped noodles, tribute ball soup, oily rice, braised pork rice, minced pork, zongzi, dumplings, buns, hot vegetables, slats and other foods, which can not only improve The aesthetics of the food can also enhance the fragrance

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