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How To Make Dehydrated Vegetable Powder

Many friends are not unfamiliar with dehydrated vegetable powder, because when we eat some instant foods, we will prepare a packet of dehydrated vegetable powder. Compared with ordinary vegetables, dehydrated vegetable powder has a lighter weight and has a moisture content. Very little, so how exactly is dehydrated vegetable powder made?
dehydrated vegetable powder
How to make dehydrated vegetable powder
Raw material selection
The selection of raw materials for dehydrated vegetables is a step. The processing time should not exceed 24 hours from the time of harvesting. The yellow and rotten parts are manually selected, and then the impurities on the surface of the vegetables are cleaned. In order to remove pesticide residues, the concentration is generally adopted. About one percent hydrochloric acid solution. If it is root vegetables, peeling is required. The raw material loss rate of chemical lye peeling is relatively low, but for export products, manual peeling is generally required.
Segmentation processing
The dehydrated vegetables are cut into certain shapes. After cutting, put the vegetables that are easy to change color into the color protection liquid. If blanching is required, many of them use water between 80 degrees and 100 degrees. The time is based on It depends on different vegetables.

However, it should be noted that not all vegetables are suitable for dehydration. Some vegetables themselves are water-nutritive vegetables. After dehydration, they lose nutrients quickly. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., these foods are still fresh. OK. You can also learn about some practical dehydration methods. You can also feel more at ease by making your own dehydrated vegetable powder, because it will be healthier and safer.

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