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Are Dehydrated Vegetables Really Nutritious?

Many people don't like to eat fresh vegetables, but they like to eat dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, which are sweet and delicious. The packaging also says "Keep the original flavor of fruits and vegetables, lock in nutrition" and other words. Today we will talk about dehydrated vegetables. Are they as nutritious as fresh vegetables and fruits?
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There are many ways to make dehydrated vegetables, including air-drying, shade-drying, sun-drying, freezing dehydration and deep-frying dehydration.
The homemade yam dried raisins are not processed by other methods and there is no problem in nutrition. Freeze dehydration technology is to remove the excessive water contained in vegetables, while the chlorophyll and vitamins contained in fresh vegetables can still be preserved, which is convenient for storage, storage and transportation. The cold dehydration treatment removes almost all the water in the food and reduces its weight by 20%, while retaining 98% of the food's nutrients.

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