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Development Status Of China's Dehydrated Vegetable Market

Dehydrated Vegetable Product Definition
Dehydrated vegetables are dried vegetables made by washing, drying and other processing techniques to remove most of the water in fresh vegetables and retain nutrients such as vitamins, chlorophyll and trace elements contained in vegetables. Bread desserts, condiments, food industry raw materials and ingredients, health products and other industries
Common processing technology of dehydrated vegetables in China
At this stage, the most commonly used method for vegetable dehydration in China is still the atmospheric pressure hot air drying technology, which generally has problems such as long dehydration time, high energy consumption, low production efficiency, poor sanitation conditions, decreased quality during storage, poor flavor, and slow rehydration speed. . With the continuous development of economy, vacuum freeze-drying technology is gradually being widely used. In addition, a few processing enterprises use microwave drying and infrared drying technology, but the scope of application is relatively limited
dehydrated vegetable flakes
The development status of China's dehydrated vegetable market
The fruit and vegetable processing industry occupies an important position in China's agricultural product trade and is an effective way to improve the economic benefits of agricultural products. As a sub-sector of China's fruit and vegetable processing industry, the dehydrated vegetable industry has made remarkable achievements. The output of dehydrated vegetables in China will increase from 301,000 tons in 2017 to 446,000 tons in 2021, and the industry will gradually enter a mature and stable period

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