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Where To Buy Dried Fruit?

What's in the fruit?
The health benefits of fruits are mainly based on the fact that many fruits contain low levels of energy, but at the same time contain a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber and life active ingredients (usually including some pigment compounds, such as polyphenols and Carotenes, etc.).
Fruits also contain sugar, and the sugar content of different fruits varies greatly. Some fruits have lower sugar content, such as cranberries (3.5%) and blackberries (1.5%). However, some tropical fruits contain higher levels of sugar, such as mango (14%) and jackfruit (19%).
According to the type of fruit and the degree of ripeness, the types of sugar in fruits are also different. Generally speaking, the most common sugar in fruits is fructose, which accounts for 40% to 55% of most fruits, while sucrose It occupies most of the rest.
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Many people believe that compared with other sugars, fructose is harmful to the body's health, but the relevant research evidence is very limited.
What effect does drying have on fruits?
Drying (dehydration) will significantly concentrate the sugar in the fruit. For example, when the apricot is fresh, its sugar level is 9.5%, and when it is dried, the sugar level will rise to 54.2%. This is why people describe dried fruit (dried fruit) as a "sugar bomb", although the World Health Organization does not classify dried fruit as a food that should be restricted in people's daily lives.
Compared with fresh fruits, the energy level in dried fruits is 6 times that of fresh fruits. This is because the water will have a concentration effect after removal. Therefore, if you pay close attention to your own weight, you should probably consume fruits reasonably. Dry portion.
But it may not be all bad news for dried fruit. The drying process will increase the level of certain vitamins and minerals in the fruit. When the water is removed, the vitamins and other nutrients in the fruit will be continuously concentrated; This means that 30g of dried apricots contains more than 5% of iron ions, and this level is higher than the recommended daily iron intake, but if we want to reach the 5% iron intake, we may need to consume 175g of apricots.

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