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Storage Ways Of Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms are agricultural products processed from fresh shiitake mushrooms by roasting and other processes. Shiitake mushrooms have strong adsorption properties and must be stored separately, that is, the container for storing shiitake mushrooms must not be mixed with other items, and the warehouse where shiitake mushrooms are stored should not be mixed with other materials. In addition, it is not allowed to store shiitake mushrooms in containers with volatile odor or containers with odor absorption.
After the shiitake mushrooms are dried, if they are not stored properly, it is easy to become damp. Especially in the rainy season when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, it is more likely to cause mildew and insects. Commonly used dried shiitake mushroom preservation methods:
1. Dry storage
Shiitake mushrooms are highly water-absorbing, and when the water content is high, they are prone to oxidation and deterioration, and mildew will also occur. Therefore, shiitake mushrooms must be dried before storage. A proper amount of hygroscopic agents such as block lime or dry charcoal must be placed in the storage container to prevent moisture.
2. Low temperature storage
Shiitake mushrooms must be stored in a low-temperature and ventilated place. If possible, the container of shiitake mushrooms can be sealed and stored in a refrigerator or cold storage.
3. Store away from light
The infrared rays in the light will heat up the shiitake mushrooms, and the ultraviolet rays will trigger photochemical action, thereby accelerating the deterioration of the shiitake mushrooms. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid storing shiitake mushrooms under strong light, and at the same time avoid packaging them with light-transmitting materials.
4. Sealed storage
Oxidation reaction is a necessary process for the qualitative change of shiitake mushrooms. If the oxygen supply is cut off, its oxidative deterioration can be inhibited. The shiitake mushrooms can be stored in sealable containers such as iron cans and ceramic jars, and the containers should be lined with food bags. The opening of the container should be opened as little as possible, and the air in the liner bag should be discharged when sealing. If possible, it can be stored in an oxygen-pumping and nitrogen-filling bag.
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