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Introduction Of Fried Garlic Chips

Introduction Of Fried Garlic Chips:
Fried garlic slices are garlic slices that are cut into garlic slices and dried, and then fried with plants. The fried garlic slices are golden yellow, without spicy taste, and have the unique fragrance of garlic. They can be used as condiments or made directly Various flavors, use directly.
Deep-fried garlic slices are not only nutritious, retain a variety of proteins, amino acids and allicin that are beneficial to the human body in garlic, but also remove the spicy taste of garlic, have a refreshing appetite, eliminate greasy and clear the mouth, and have some effects of seasoning.
fried garlic chips
The company's main products are fried products, dehydrated products and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fried products: fried garlic slices, fried garlic diced, fried garlic crisp, fried garlic powder, fried onion crisp, fried onion diced, fried chili crisp.
Dehydrated products: garlic slices, garlic granules, garlic powder, onion shreds, onion granules, onion powder, carrots, peppers, ginger powder, ginger slices and other products.
Fresh-keeping products: fresh-keeping garlic, shallots, potatoes, carrots, etc. The variety is complete and the price is reasonable. In addition, it also provides customers with various specifications of packaging and transportation of products.

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