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What Are The Benefits Of Fried Garlic Chips?

Deep-fried Garlic Crisps After dividing the garlic into cloves, peeling the skin, washing it, crushing it and adding starch, deep-fried into a small powder, golden color, delicious taste, fragrant, and a unique taste of garlic. It retains the unique ingredients in garlic that are beneficial to the human body and is delicious.
fried garlic chips
1. Garlic can inhibit various fungi
After the alliin in garlic is cut and broken, this unique substance will spread in the air. In 20 cm or less, it can destroy microorganisms and enter the mouth. During the process of chewing, you can destroy all the fungi in the mouth. ; Enter the gastrointestinal system to eliminate typhoid bacilli, E. coli, cold viruses, fungi, pathogens, etc. 
2. Thiamine also repels mosquitoes. If you are bitten by mosquitoes, rubbing and garlic juice can reduce swelling and relieve pain.
3. There are also many active substances in garlic, anti-oxidation, beauty and anti-aging effects.
4. Promote digestion, thiamine is interesting to the gastric mucosa, and promotes the secretion of gastric juice and combined protein and various vitamins and foods and digestion and absorption.
5. Enhance immunity, garlic garlic contains polysaccharides. Studies have shown that garlic polysaccharides can enhance the endocrine system of the immune system.
6. Garlic contains selenium, which reduces the production of insulin glargine and has a buffering effect on the human body.

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