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Use And Classification Of Fruit And Vegetable Powder

Fruit and vegetable powder is a powdered food made by processing and drying fruits and vegetables. It can be used in various food preparations and beverages, and has the advantages of prolonging the shelf life, increasing nutrition, and convenient storage. According to different production methods and raw materials, fruit and vegetable powder can be divided into the following categories:
fruit vegetable powder
Fruit powder: It is a powder made from various fruits after peeling, pitting, drying, etc., which retains the sweet taste of the fruit and nutrients such as vitamins. Common fruit powders include apple powder, strawberry powder, blueberry powder and so on. Fruit powder can be used in baking, making juice, ice cream, yogurt and more.
Vegetable powder: A powder made from various vegetables after drying and grinding, which retains the color and nutrients of the vegetables. Common vegetable powders include carrot powder, spinach powder, tomato powder, etc. Vegetable powder can be used to make pasta, soup, seasoning, etc.
Mixed fruit and vegetable powder: A powder made by mixing a variety of fruits and vegetables to achieve a richer nutritional combination. This type of fruit and vegetable powder can be used to increase the color, taste and nutritional value of food.
Organic fruit and vegetable powder: This type of fruit and vegetable powder is made from organic fruits and vegetables, which are usually grown and processed without chemical pesticides and synthetic additives, making them healthier and more natural.
Functional fruit and vegetable powders: Certain fruit and vegetable powders may be fortified or added to provide specific nutrients or functions. For example, vitamin C-fortified fruit and vegetable powders, or antioxidant-rich superfood powders.

Fruit and vegetable powder has a wide range of uses and can be used in the food industry, catering industry and home kitchen. They can be used as raw materials for food and added to bread, pastry, biscuits, ice cream, yogurt, fruit juice, etc. to increase the taste, color and nutritional value of food. At the same time, fruit and vegetable powder is also often used to make seasonings, soups, sauces, etc., to add flavor to food. Overall, fruit and vegetable powder is a convenient and versatile food ingredient that is suitable for many different types of food preparations.

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