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How to Apply Garlic Flakes to Your Life

Garlic is indispensable in people's life. In fact, garlic is only a general concept. Garlic also includes garlic, garlic, garlic, etc., which have a good effect on disinfection and sterilization. As a basic daily edible condiment, There are also many garlic derivatives. Garlic as raw material can be processed into dehydrated garlic slices through peeling, slicing, cleaning, selection, drying, packaging and other processes, and then crushed and screened to produce garlic powder and other products.
garlic flakes
The dehydrated garlic flakes have neat appearance, light yellow color and pure taste, and all the tests are up to standard, so they can be eaten or used as food raw materials and auxiliary materials. It can be restored by soaking in warm water. It is fresh in all seasons, easy to preserve, easy to transport, easy to store, and convenient to eat. It is both a condiment and a food. Dehydrated garlic with high medicinal value has a strong garlic spicy taste. If soaked in fragrant soy sauce, it can be eaten as a side dish. Compared with fresh garlic, the nutrients of dehydrated garlic are almost intact.
fried garlic flakes
Garlic powder is garlic. For convenience, people make garlic into powder so that it will be more convenient to use. The nutritional value and efficacy of garlic powder and garlic are the same.
One of the greatest benefits of garlic is that it helps strengthen the immune system.
1. Garlic powder has broad-spectrum and efficient anti-inflammatory and bactericidal functions, and can actively regulate the immune system.
2. It can regulate the body's metabolic function.
3. Respiratory tract, digestive tract diseases and their complications.
4. It has a good detoxification function and eliminates heavy metal ions.

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