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Dried Garlic Powder Processing Flow

Garlic powder is prepared by crushing garlic cloves into a powder. This is done by cutting all the cloves to the same size and then spreading them through the dehydrator.The temperature needed should be around 160°c in order to saturate all the moisture inside the cloves and dry them properly.
dried garlic powder
The dried cloves are then ground in a processor, which turns them into a powder. Garlic powder can be used both as a seasoning and as a spice.It has been an essential ingredient in many Indian and Chinese dishes since ancient times. Many Asian and European countries also have traces of using garlic powder in traditional dishes.Garlic powder has high nutritional value as it contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
It is mainly used in savory dishes of meat and fish, but is also often added to vegetarian dishes, soups, etc. By adding garlic powder to your dishes, you can enhance the flavor and smell of your dishes.
However, consuming garlic powder is very healthy. It can help improve your health if you have heart disease. Of the two, garlic powder can be said to be safer to use and eat due to its high nutrition and flavor.

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