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One Minute To Take You To Understand Ginger Flakes

At present, ginger in the domestic market is mainly sold in the form of vegetables and seasonings, and there is a lack of deep-processed products, and the market capacity of ginger products is limited, so the price of ginger fluctuates greatly. Therefore, the ginger products produced gradually gained people's love. So, what are ginger products? Is it processed again? Today, let's give you some popular science!
ginger chips flakes
1. Technical introduction of the ginger process
This project uses ginger as the main raw material, and adopts high-efficiency water vapor extraction technology to obtain ginger extract rich in flavor substances, which is compatible with traditional health food materials such as red dates, tangerine peels, and honey. It has the functions of invigorating the stomach, nourishing blood and replenishing qi. The beverage can be directly produced through dispensing, sterilization, filling, etc., and can be produced by processes such as concentration, sterilization, and fluidized bed spray drying. After quantitative immersion, drying, and shaping of ginger slices, it can be made into spicy pickled pepper casual ginger food. The entire production process design can achieve full utilization, no emissions, economical efficiency, and meet the development requirements of modern agricultural product processing industry
 Unique selling point of the ginger product
(1) Using ginger's medicinal and food homology, develop ginger series health foods with specific functions.
(2) Use modern food processing technology to improve the processing level and product technical content of ginger in my country, enrich the varieties of ginger products, and obtain convenient ginger snack foods;
(3) Through comprehensive utilization, fully tap the potential value of ginger, reduce resource waste, reduce production costs, and improve enterprise economic benefits.

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