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How To Make The Dried Garlic Powder

The process flow of garlic powder
1. Material selection Choose garlic with yellow stalks, withered leaves, large heads, white flesh, no diseases and insect pests, and no mechanical damage at harvest as raw materials, and remove the garlic with small heads, cloves with diseases and insect pests or mechanical damage.
2. Soaking Wash the selected garlic with clean water, peel off the cloves, and then peel the garlic
3. Beating Put the drained garlic cloves into a beater or crusher for crushing and beating. When beating, add 1/3 of the purified water to the garlic cloves; after beating, filter the slurry with roving cloth to remove residual leather and other sundries.

4.Fourth, dehydration, the water must be removed quickly at one time, and the time cannot be delayed to prevent the garlic pulp from changing taste and affecting the quality. At the same time, the tools must be rinsed off immediately after use to avoid peculiar smell the next time they are used.
5. Drying Place the dewatered wet garlic powder on the baking tray immediately, and then put the baking tray in the baking room for baking. The drying room needs to be kept at a constant temperature of about 50°C and bake for about 5 hours, and wait until the wet garlic dries until the expert grinds it into noodles.
6. Crushing The dried garlic powder is crushed with a grinder while it is hot, and then sieved with a fine basket to make the garlic powder evenly in the form of fine flour, which is the finished product of garlic powder.
7. After the packaged garlic powder has passed the inspection, add dried ginger, tangerine peel, pepper, aniseed, osmanthus, cumin, etc. according to the specified proportions, mix them evenly, and directly load the contents printed with trademark, product name, factory name, factory address, etc. Food plastic bags or moisture-proof kraft paper bags, sealed and packed in boxes, are the mixed seasoning garlic powder needed by foreign businessmen.

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