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How Dehydrated Vegetables Became An Important Part Of Instant Noodle Products

As an important component of instant noodle products, Dehydrated Vegetables  are mainly used to provide consumers with necessary nutritional supplements during the rapid cooking process. As consumers pay more and more attention to healthy eating, the role of Dehydrated Vegetables  in instant noodles has become increasingly important.
dehydrated vegetables
The Importance of Dehydrated Vegetables 
  • Nutritional supplement: Instant noodles are usually based on noodles and seasonings and lack sufficient vegetable ingredients. The addition of Dehydrated Vegetables  can effectively provide necessary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, making instant noodles more balanced.
  • Taste and flavor: Dehydrated Vegetables  not only increase the nutrition of instant noodles, but also enrich the taste and flavor of the product. Different types of vegetables can bring diverse eating experiences to instant noodles.
  • Convenience: The use of vegetable bags simplifies the cooking process. Consumers do not need to prepare additional vegetables. They only need to add the vegetable bags to cooked instant noodles to quickly complete a nutritionally balanced meal.
Types and common ingredients of vegetable bags
  • Dehydrated vegetables:Dehydration process: Remove the moisture from vegetables through methods such as hot air drying, freeze drying or vacuum drying, making them light in weight and small in size, making them easy to store and transport.
  • Common types: dehydrated onions, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated cabbage, dehydrated spinach, etc.
  • Freeze-dried vegetables:Freeze-drying technology: Uses low temperature and vacuum conditions to directly sublimate the water in vegetables from solid state to gaseous state, retaining more nutrients and original color and flavor.
  • Common types: freeze-dried shallots, freeze-dried corn, freeze-dried peas, freeze-dried mushrooms, etc.
  • Pickled vegetables:
  • Pickling method: Process vegetables by salting, candiing, pickling, etc. to increase flavor and extend shelf life.
  • Common types: pickled kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, pickled kelp, etc.
  • Vegetable powder:Processing method: Grind the vegetables into powder for quick dissolution in instant noodles.
  • Common types: spinach powder, pumpkin powder, beet powder, etc.
dried fruit vegetable powder
By providing a variety of vegetable choices, vegetable packs not only enrich the taste and flavor of instant noodles, but more importantly, provide consumers with convenient and fast nutritional supplements.

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