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Categories Of Instant Noodle Seasoning

Instant Noodle Seasoning are generally divided into three types: seasoning powder packs, sauce packs and vegetable packs. According to the variety and taste of instant noodles, the raw materials used in the production of seasoning packs will be different, but the common point is to choose fresh meat or vegetables. Fitaky's products mainly include the following varieties:
mix dried vegetables
Product category: powder package, sauce package, vegetable package, oil package, sauce package, etc.
Flavor types: chicken broth, pepper chicken, spicy chicken, stewed chicken with mushrooms, curry chicken, spicy chicken, braised steak, spicy beef, braised beef, spicy beef, seafood, shrimp and other flavors.
Product features: It can impart different flavors and meaty flavors to food. The powder sauce packs are used together, and the taste is synergistic and complements each other, making the applied products taste more mellow and have a long aftertaste.
Application field: It is suitable for instant noodles, instant vermicelli, instant rice noodles, instant dried noodles, braised noodles and other rice products.
Product packaging: 6-20g/pack (powder and sauce packs) 1-5g/pack (dehydrated vegetable packs); we can also supply bulk, such as 15kg, 20kg per box.
instant noodle seasoning
Taste: Brazilian barbecue, tomato flavor, cumin lamb, fresh shrimp flavor, grilled chicken wings, milky corn, spring onion ribs, raw steak, spring onion beef, cumin flavor, five flavors, vegetable flavor, pickled pepper chicken feet , spicy flavor, grilled wings flavor, beef flavor.
Packaging: According to customer requirements, it can be packed in bags or in bulk.
Scope of application: dry noodles, baked bun slices, crispy rice and other fields.
All products can be developed and produced according to customer needs

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