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Points For Attention In Keeping Vegetables Fresh

With the coming of summer, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are welcomed by everyone. But in the hot summer, everyone doesn't like to go out anymore. So how to prolong the preservation time of fruits and vegetables during this consumption period? Let's take a look at this question roughly.
First of all, after buying back the fruits and vegetables, try not to put them upside down, and they should not be placed horizontally. The fruits should be placed vertically and the fruit should be upside down. This is to maintain the posture when they are growing. Vegetables and fruits placed vertically will look fresh and tender, while those placed horizontally or upside down will be chlorosis and wilting. The longer the time, the more obvious the difference. Vertically placed vegetables and fruits have strong vitality, and maintaining vitality can reduce the loss of vitamins, which is beneficial to the human body. Secondly, we have learned that many green leafy vegetables are very easy to dry and wilt. The important thing for leafy vegetables is to retain water. The simple way is to put the vegetables in a fresh-keeping bag and put the roots down in the refrigerator freezer.
dehydrated vegetables
Third, leeks, leeks, greens, etc. can be wrapped in fresh Chinese cabbage leaves and placed in a cool place. The coriander can be selected from large trees, bright green in color, and rooted into small bundles, wrapped in a layer of paper, put in a plastic bag, loosely tied around the mouth of the bag, put the bag in a cool place, and eat as you please
Pick. Using this method to store coriander can make the coriander leaves fresh and tender within 7-10 days. Spinach, rapeseed, etc. should retain moisture while avoiding rotten leaves. The method is to spray some water on the leaves, then wrap them in newspaper, and put them in the refrigerator with the roots facing down. This can effectively extend the storage time and keep them fresh.
Of course, if you find it troublesome to preserve, you can also buy dehydrated blue vegetables as supplementary food. When dehydrated vegetables are eaten, they are not only delicious and colorful, but also can maintain the original nutritional value without being restricted by the season. In addition, it is smaller and lighter than fresh vegetables, and it will recover when it enters water, and it will be transported for consumption.
Convenience and other features are highly favored by people.

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