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Nutritional Secrets Of Dehydrated Vegetables

The nutritional secrets of dehydrated vegetables
Low-temperature compound dehydration technology, compared with traditional deep-frying dehydration, low-temperature freeze dehydration and other technologies, can retain the nutrition, color and flavor of fruits and vegetables to a greater extent, as well as crisp teeth, bringing a unique new fruit food experience. Known as a new breakthrough in the field of fruit and vegetable dehydrated food processing technology!
dehydrated vegetables
1.Physical dehydration at low temperature makes nutrition safer: no harmful substances and damage to nutrients caused by deep-frying, air-drying, and high-temperature drying techniques, and no additives are added, making it safe and reliable for long-term consumption.
2.Low-temperature physical sterilization, quality is guaranteed: Compared with traditional technology or high-temperature sterilization, or deep-fried sterilization, or no sterilization process, low-temperature physical sterilization technology ensures that the product’s sanitary indicators meet the standards and are popular all over the world.
3.Short-chain fiber, easy to absorb: The long-chain cellulose in fresh fruits and vegetables that is not suitable for human absorption is broken, so that the nutrients of fruits and vegetables can be easily dissolved and absorbed. At the same time, the short-chain cellulose has higher nutritional value.
4.Original flavor and full nutrition: the vitamins, trace elements, cellulose, proanthocyanidins, carotene, lutein, oryzanol, sitosterol, rutin and other biologically active substances and unique flavors of the original fruits and vegetables are more concentrated and retained substance.
5.Pure fruit flavour, crisp tooth feel: The original flavor substances of fruits and vegetables are concentrated 5 to 10 times, so the fruit taste is more fragrant and pure than the original fruit, and it has a unique crisp tooth feel.
6.Locking in nutrition without losing: Compared with the continual loss of nutritional value of fresh fruit over time, Guoziyuan fruit is crispy while shed water, it also locks in nutrition and no longer loses;
7.Convenient to carry, easy to store: easy to carry, anytime, anywhere, open the bag to eat, easy to store, storage at room temperature for up to 18 months.

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