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Processing Method Of Garlic Flakes

① Raw materials: Choose fully mature, large, complete, and free from mildew and deterioration of garlic as raw materials, remove the garlic stalks with a knife, peel off the outer skin and the thin garlic flowers attached to the garlic cloves for later use.
② Production: Wash the peeled garlic cloves with clean water, and dig out the spots and discolored parts on the garlic cloves. Cut into thin slices with a thickness of about 1.6 mm with a slicer, put them into a bamboo sieve and rinse 3 to 5 times, and then centrifuge for about 2 minutes for dehydration. Spread the dehydrated garlic slices immediately, dry the water, spread them on a bamboo tray after drying, with a thickness of about 1.5 cm, and dry them in a drying room at about 65°C. The sliced garlic dried in this way is light yellow. Put the dried garlic flakes into a grinder and crush them into powder, and pass through a 80-100 mesh sieve to obtain garlic powder. The garlic powder is sold in small packets of 10-25 grams.
garlic flakes
①Product features: light yellow in color, no burnt black, no red flakes, no debris.
②Technological process: fresh garlic→cutting→separating, peeling off the inner skin→slicing→rinsing→spinning→sieving→drying→scaling→sieving→selecting→packing.
③Main points of production:
Stalk cutting and peeling: Cut off the pedicles of the qualified garlic heads, pick out the garlic granules, strip off the underwear, put them in a ventilated container, and store them in a dry, ventilated, and cool place. Strive to process within 24 hours.
Slicing: wash with water to remove dust, rinse off the film, and then slice in a slicer with water, the thickness of the slice is about 1.5mm, and slice while flushing.
Rinse: Put the cut garlic slices into a bamboo basket, put them in a clear water tank and rinse with running water to remove the scales and mucus and sugar on the surface of the garlic slices. Generally, rinse 4 times.
Shake the water: Use a centrifuge to shake off the moisture on the surface of the garlic slices for about 2 minutes.
Sieving and drying: the sieving should be even and not too thick. After spreading and sieving, put the garlic slices to dry in the drying room. The temperature of the drying tunnel is about 65°C, and generally bake for 5 to 6 hours to reduce the moisture to 4% to 4.5%.
Fan and sieve: Fan the dried garlic slices with a fan to remove the remaining scales, and use a sieve to remove the debris.
Selection: Eliminate triangular flakes, color-changing flakes and other impurities, and the operation must meet hygienic requirements.
Packaging: Pack the selected garlic slices after inspection, and control the moisture content below 6% during packaging.

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