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Low Temperature Roasted Garlic Powder

The pure natural low-temperature baked cooked garlic powder and the preparation method thereof have simple production process and short production cycle, and the prepared garlic powder can maintain the original aroma of garlic, fine powder grains, moisture content, thorough sterilization, long shelf life, and convenience for consumption. The garlic is washed, peeled and sliced, and the cut garlic slices are processed into cooked garlic slices with low-temperature baking equipment. After the cooked garlic slices are sterilized, they are ground into cooked garlic powder by a crushing machine, and divided into bags according to the weight requirements. Package.
garlic powder price
In this way, the cooked garlic powder baked at low temperature through more than a dozen processes maintains the nutrient content and original flavor of garlic, and significantly improves the nutrient absorption of garlic. It can be eaten directly, and can also be used as food, detergent, traditional Chinese medicine, seasoning, and beverage. Cooked garlic slices can also be sold directly as ingredients for products such as feed and feed. It does not contain any additives and is a pure natural green health food

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